Welcome to the T2F Guitar & Music Theory School: Online Guitar Lessons. 

The T2F Guitar School is, essentially, 3 levels of courses for online music theory & guitar lessons, in the form of "follow and play" instructional videos. The beginner guitar lessons are level 1, and all levels, including  Guitar lessons for kids, are of a progressive nature. 

Perhaps the best feature of these video tutorials is that Sabino doesn`t just show you how to "play some cool riffs", but teaches guitar music theory. Okay! Okay! Sabino has had "many" students over the years who have made statements like, "I don`t actually want to learn to read music". And this is common for guitarists. We must "stress" here, however, if you ever want to be a great guitarist YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THE THEORY OF MUSIC, (not necessarily dots & dashes). Like an orchestral, or jazz, musician, however, you need know "how music works".  Sabino gives you at least 3 new chords and 1 new riff to take away from every lesson, and there is quite a heavy emphasis on "learning music theory".   

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In these progressive video guitar lessons students learn guitar music and theory, in order that they can become "real musicians", not just someone with a bag of party-tricks.

Question: "So, why not just go to a guitar  teacher"?

Answer: You "should" go to a guitar teacher. Sabino "is"  a guitar teacher; with a Diploma of Music from a highly accredited conservatorium of music, and has been teaching guitar for 26 years. These instructional videos are for "follow and play". They can be paused at any point, and re-watched time and again, for the busy professional, or for kids who wish to learn from the safety, and convenience, of their own home. Additionally Sabino has a Master`s Degree in Education.   

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Check out an Original Music-Video by Sabino, freely available on YouTube. 


Audio & Video Gear

Hand-crafted Steel, string acoustic/electric guitar, Rhode NT2A Studio microphone, SoundCraft, Compact 4, Audio Desk,  Creative, Audigy 4, Soundblaster, Avid M-Box Mini, 2011 iMac. 2015 iPad, Air 2, Sennheizer Studio Pro-212 Headphones. Klipsh PCCE Stereo Speakers.

Sabino is offering online guitar lessons, per se, to selected students, via Skype or FaceTime. Contact Sabino using the form, below, to enquire about a lesson. Don`t forget to mention "your local time-zone" as Sabino travels the world writing books, giving presentations, and playing music.  Contact Sabino - using the form below - regards your lesson, before purchasing with the PayPal button: This is both for your convenience, and ours.  

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