What is Colloidal Silver?

Silver, when in its purest form, has been shown to be one of the least harmful metals to the human body and hundreds of years of research have proven that it kills viruses, bacteria, fungi, and pathogens within minutes. Silver assists any cell in regenerating - or in morphing - into any form that is required by cells in the human body, for healing. Silver assists in the oxidizing process. It assists in removing dead cells and the regeneration of consequent new cells. Thismeans, of course, that it also rebuilds missing tissue - almost completely preventing scaring - which is the reason silver bandages are used in hospital burn wards. Many sufferers of arthritis use ionic silver to regrow - or, simply grow - cells that are the synovial fluid of cartilage between the knuckle joints of hands, knees, etc, by applying it topically on a regular basis.